VER Parasite Workshop

On April 16th 2023, a successful Parasite workshop was held at Chakana Blue in Seville East. Despite a cria being born at 8 am, the show went on with the newborn all cozy in the shed next to Mum out of the pouring rain. Fourteen attendees made for a full shed on a cool rainy day (60 mls in 24 hrs) with heaters ablaze.
The workshop was led by qualified veterinarian Andrea Redgewell who shared her expertise and valuable insights on various topics related to animal health and welfare. The workshop provided vibrant
discussions among the breeders, resulting in knowledge exchange and practical learning.
Vet Andrea expressed her experience in the field of veterinary medicine and shared her valuable insights on various aspects of animal health and welfare. She discussed the importance of preventive
healthcare measures, including vaccinations, parasite control, and proper nutrition. She also emphasized the need for regular health check-ups, veterinary intervention and early detection of
parasite burdens to ensure the overall well-being of the animals.

The importance of biosecurity was highlighted, including measures to prevent the spread of diseases/parasites in the herd and shared practical tips for implementing effective biosecurity protocols on the farm. Her expertise and practical advice were well-received by the attendees and deemed invaluable for improving the health and productivity of their livestock. Thank you to Andrea for donating your time and knowledge voluntarily.
The workshop was abuzz with discussions among the breeders who actively participated in the knowledge-sharing sessions. Breeders shared their experiences, challenges and best practices, creating a collaborative environment for learning. There were discussions on all topics with much appreciated real-life circumstances and their outcomes. These success stories and failures created great learning outcomes. The exchange of ideas and practical tips resulted in valuable insights that could be implemented on farms to improve breeding programs and animal welfare practices.
The topics covered during the workshop made for lots of Questions and note-taking. The emphasis was ultimately on practical skills using a microscope, which will hopefully be useful for on-farm applications.
We concluded overtime at 4.15pm despite a few stragglers staying on till after 5pm. There are a number of things I’ve learnt from facilitating this type of workshop and hope to improve workshops as we go in to the future. All around it appeared very well liked.
Julie Blake
Chakana Blue Alpacas

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