26 Apr Introduction to Alpacas Workshop

Introduction to Alpacas Workshop

A fabulous day on Sat 17th April was spent at Chakana Blue/Chakana Gold alpacas at the VER INTRODUCTION to ALPACAS WORKSHOP, with over 25 people attending two sessions.

The small groups allowed for a hands on approach and both facilitators and participants found the day most enjoyable.

The VER would like to thank our hosts and volunteers who gave their time and shared their expertise at this workshops:

Julie and Tim Blake from Chakana Blue and Chakana Gold for hosting the event and providing an excellent environment for sharing and learning.

Rachel Burnett from Katura Farm for sharing her expertise and experience particularly with animal handling and halter training.

Louise Charman from Nil Desparandum Alpacas showed all how to load alpacas onto a float with a ramp and also where they had to jump up – although the alpacas were all just “too good”, Louise was able to provide very useful and valuable tips on float loading and the reasons why float training is helpful.

Nic and Lynda Holdsworth from Auravale Alpacas shared their experience in routine health checks including toe nail clipping, body scoring and supplement and medication administration.

All money raised from these events goes entirely to the Australian Alpaca Association, Victorian Eastern Region. Our volunteers freely share their time, experience and knowledge and the workshops could not be run without their generous support of the alpaca industry. THANK YOU.

We would also like to thank Emmaly Gridley from Maylands Alpacas who attended the workshop with a small pop up shop with halters, mineral lick and other related alpaca products. Emmaly was able to explain the importance of a good halter fit to the participants.

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