About the Victorian Eastern Region

About our Region

Welcome to the website of the Victorian Eastern Region of the Australian Alpaca Association (VER).

The region’s boundaries start at Albury/Wodonga, then down the Hume Highway to Benalla, south on the Midland Highway to Mansfield, picks up the Maroondah Highway to Merton, Healesville, Lilydale and on to Melbourne, then follows the coastline to Mallacoota.

The VER covers a geographically diverse area from the vineyards of the Yarra Valley and the Mornington Peninsula, to the rich soil farming districts of Gippsland, the coastal extension from Port Phillip to Mallacoota and the grandeur of the Great Dividing Range.

Within the Victorian Eastern Region there are over 100 registered alpaca breeders, several with larger studs in excess of 100 alpacas to others with only a few. Many members also promote and sell alpaca products.

Our Committee

Contact details for our hardworking Committee Members.

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Local Sub groups

Within the VER region, there are three sub-groups that operate to help cover a geographically diverse area by providing support in that locality.

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Annual Awards

Traditionally, the VER have presented the following perpetual trophies at the VER Annual Dinner and Fleece Competition and more recently at VER events.

The trophies are as follows:

Lyla Fisher Memorial Trophy: Alpaca of the year, huacaya (inaugurated May 2002).
Keith Turner Memorial Trophy: Alpaca of the year, suri (inaugurated April 2010).
Bill Plunkett Memorial Trophy: Annual fleece competition, champion huacaya (inaugurated April 2007).
Champion Suri Fleece: Annual fleece competition (inaugurated 2008)
Dianne Condon Memorial Trophy: Best new breeder award (inaugurated July 2012).
Bob McLeod Award “A BOB”: In recognition of our volunteers (inaugurated July 2021).

For a full list of past winners and history of the trophies go to Learn more

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Open Alpaca Farms

There are a number of local farms who open their properties and alpacas to the public. Each offer a different experience

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Our Smart Future

Our Smart Future was produced in 2014 as a celebration of 25 years of the Australian alpaca.

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Our History

Perpetual Trophies

Lyla Fisher Memorial Trophy – Alpaca of the Year Huacaya
Inaugurated in May 2002.
Lyla was a foundation member of the Region and from the early ʻ90s to her untimely passing in 2002, was totally committed to the Region and to the Alpaca Industry, serving the Region in every possible capacity – a highly reputed alpaca breeder; show organiser and programmer; a dedicated committee member, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President and President. Her legacy lives on with us, through this award.

Keith Turner Memorial Trophy – Alpaca of the Year Suri
Inaugurated in April 2010.
Keith, a product of Dookie College, with cattle and dairy farm origins that began in South Gippsland, traversed into Queensland and returned to South Gippsland where he and his wife Glenda established Mawbanna Alpacas. Keithʼs animal husbandry background together with Glendaʼs alpaca fibre processing skills created a successful venture into quality Suri breeding. Together the couple travelled Australia to learn of the processing of alpaca fleece and further develop their involvement in specialised alpaca handcrafts.
An outdoors man, an ambassador for the alpaca industry, Keith passed away in 2009.

Bill Plunkett Memorial Trophy – Champion Fleece

Inaugurated in April 2007.
Affectionately known as “The Godfather”, Bill passed away in 2006. A long serving committeeman, a Vice- President and President of the Region and Chairman of the Regional Showing Sub-committee, Bill was the force behind the Show rules and protocols we adhere to today. The consumate Chief Steward, his workshops throughout Australia and NZ stand as testimony to his skill. His unique love of natural fIbres lives on through this award.

Dianne Condon Memorial Trophy – Best New Breeder
Inaugurated July 2012
Dianne loved alpacas and the Industry with a passion.
A long standing member of the Region, Dianne served extensively at both regional and national committee level. In co-ownership with her husband Ron, their highly successful Shanbrooke Alpaca Stud gained early world-wide recognition. A national and international Show judge, Dianne was accorded an AAA Life Membership for her service to the Industry. Dianne, who passed away on 12th January 2012, is remembered with great affection.

Introductory dates of the trophies are:

1995 : (The Region’s 1st Gala Dinner)

Alpaca of the Year (Huacaya)
Champion Fleece (Huacaya)


Alpaca of the Year (Huacaya), first awarded in 1995, re-constituted as the
Lyla Fisher Memorial Trophy.


Alpaca of the Year (Suri)


Champion Fleece (Huacaya), first awarded in 1995, re-constituted as the
Bill Plunkett Memorial Trophy.


Champion Fleece (Suri)


Alpaca of the Year (Suri), first awarded in 2004, re-constituted as the
Keith Turner Memorial Trophy.


Best New Breeder Award,
Dianne Condon Memorial Trophy.

Our sincere thanks and gratitude to David Daddo (Pitchingga Ridge Alpacas) for collating the information on the VER Perpetual Trophies.

Farm World

The VER’s connection with Farm World started in 1998 and alpacas have made a significant contribution to the Farm World displays ever since, click History of VER Farm World here to read more

Annual Fleece Competition

Held annually the Fleece Competition has been a strong presence in the VER’s history. Click here to read more.

Service Award & AAA Certificate of Appreciation

The VER Service Awards are presented to those members who have contributed to our region.

A Certificate of Appreciation is awarded to a financial member of the AAA who has made a significant contribution to the AAA at a Regional or National level.

We are grateful for the contributions of the following members who have made significant contributions to the Victorian Eastern Region.


Jenny Miles – Awarded 2023 – Show Convenor (Sale Show and Farm World)

David Daddo – Awarded 2023 – President, Past President, Committee Member, Task Force, Show Convenor (Red Hill Show)


Bill Plunkett – Awarded 2002 – President, Past President, Vice President, Committee Member, Judge, Show Committee, Show Convenor (Red Hill Show)

Brian Worcester – Awarded 2008 – Vice President, Committee Member, Judge

Ian Earle – Awarded 2010 – President, Past President, Past President, Committee Member

Joy Skinner – Awarded 2010 – Secretary, Committee Member, Show Committee, Show Convenor

Bob McLeod – Awarded 2010 – Committee Member, Show Committee, Show Convenor, Task Force, Annual Fleece Show, Farm World Convenor

Helen McLeod – Awarded 2010 – Show Committee, Task Force, Annual Fleece Show, VER Shows – Ribbons and admin

Sue Rainbow – Awarded 2010 – Committee Member, Show Committee

Rhys Owen – Awarded 2012 – Committee Member, Show Committee

David Daddo – Awarded 2016 – President, Past President, Committee Member, Task Force, Show Convenor (Red Hill Show)

Joy Skinner – Awarded 2020 – Committee Member since 1998, Show Convenor

Chris Pendlebury – Awarded 2020 – Committee Member, Show Convenor (Lardner Show)

Lezley Golding – Awarded 2020 – Committee Member, Task Force

Angela Betheras – Awarded 2023 – Committee Member, Task Force, advocate for fibre

Louise Charman – Awarded 2023 – Committee Member, President, advocate for Youth

Hans Van Poppel – Awarded 2023 – Committee Member, Show Convenor (Alexandra Show) and steward

Christine Van Poppel – Awarded 2023 – Show Convenor (Alexandra Show)and steward


Julie Blake – Awarded 2023 – Committee Member, Task Force, Show Convenor (Berwick Show)and advocate for youth (AYE)

Tim Blake – Awarded 2023 – Committee Member, Task Force, Show Convenor (Berwick Show)

Lynda Holdsworth – Awarded 2023 – Committee Member, Task Force, Show Convenor (Berwick Show)

Nicholas Holdsworth – Awarded 2023 – President, Committee Member, Task Force, Show Convenor (Berwick Show)

Jennifer McDavitt – Awarded 2023 – Convenor (Sale Show and Farm World)


2011 – Bob McLeod
2014 – Peter Kennedy-Gane, Robert Kennedy-Gane
2015 – Bob McLeod
2020 – Joy Skinner, Lezley Golding, Chris Pendlebury
2023 – David Daddo, Jenny Miles

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